Posted By:J Wittich
Subject:Thank You Everybody!!!!!!!!
Post Date:April 28, 2003 at 22:40:59
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Dear everybody who responded to my question, "what decent is the name Barner?",

Of course, I meant to spell "DESCENT" insted of decent. I just wanted to give all of you a long overdue thank you for all your help in discovering what I could about Olivia Barner. I can't believe it was almost FOUR years ago that I posted that message. My heart was pitter-pattering as I had fallen for the gorgeous Olivia in my Senior year Magazine Article Writing class.

I hope all of you won't think me too rude for not thanking you all sooner. Actually, I was too heart-broken to come back to this message board. I took a chance and asked her out to dinner. She said she had a boyfriend and then pretty much stopped talking to me after that. Oh, well, I graduated in December '99, thinking I would never see her again. Then, lo and behold, I tune in to watch "Wheel of Fortune" on the night of April 28, 2003, and one of the contestants is OLIVIA BARNER from San Diego, CA. Yes, my College crush is still as beautiful as ever. It was so wonderful just to see her, it brought back so many memories (good ones) of the few months in 1999 when we were acquaintances. That's what brought me back to this board tonight, to see if anybody had actually responded to my post.

I was overwhelmed with how many of you did take your time to respond. I'm sorry I made this post so long. I only planned on writing a sentence or two but emotions have overtaken me tonight and I just can't seem to stop them. Well, it's a small world and since both Olivia and myself still live in San Diego, I can always dream that someday we may meet again and then..........Thank you all who read this message to the end, and a heartfelt thank you to all of you who replied.

Joe Wittich