Posted By:Peter Light
Subject:Discrepancies and confusions with Wendel Bauman's Immediate Descendants
Post Date:January 17, 2004 at 18:24:49
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I am posting this message because I have been
noticing a number of discrepancies with some of the immediate descendants of Wendel Bauman 1681.

First, concerning the parents of Jacob
Bauman 1722. Some folks have him as the son of Wendel
Bauman, and some as the son of Christian Bauman 17OO
(one person has his birth date as 1702). I believe
that the latter is correct. The confusion seems to
arise due to the fact that Wendel did have a son
Jacob, but he was born in 1701, not 1722.

Has anyone else noticed this discepancy in their travels
around various genealogical sites? I'm surprised that
no one else seems to have noticed this and commented
on it. I would be interested in anyone's reaction.

I notice another discrepancy, with the same cause.
Some people denote Jacob Bauman 1722 as "Nimrod" and
others have Jacob Bauman 1701 as "Nimrod". I think
the latter is correct.

I got my information from "THE REM0VAL OF WENDELL
COUNTY" (The following nearly all written by H. M.

"...The movement of the three Bowmann brothers in the
forties carried the settled border across this line
into Berks. The pioneer of this movement into Berks
was the youngest of the three brothers, Jacob. He was
the Nimrod of the Pequea country, a great hunter and

There is yet another discrepancy. The death date for
Christian Bauman 1700 (1702?) is commonly 1735
(although somewhere I have seen 1790, but I've lost my
source) But if he died in 1735, how could he be
pushing into Berks County with his two brothers "in
the forties"? This is particularly puzzling to me.

Questions and confusions!!! Any comments?

Peter Light