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Information from & then go to VA. I gathered these Cunningham names by going thru all the counties of VA.

CUNNINGHAM, Aaran Burr, 30, single, farmer, son of J. Lee and MaryA. Cunningham, married Sheppie Emily Hardbarger, 22, single, the daughter of Thomas W. and Emily Hardbarger.

CUNNINGHAM, Betsey married 17 Dec 1801 John Moore.

CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth married 14 Dec 1815 James Kirkpatrick.

CUNNINGHAM, Elizabeth married 9 Nov 1826 John Strickler.

CUNNINGHAM, Fanny married John Bodds.

CUNNINGHAM, Hannah married March 1840 Moses Fulton.

CUNNINGHAM, H.M. 19, single, daughter of Jas. W. and H. Cunningham, married 2 Dec 1878 Isaac A. Wilhelm, 20, single, son of S.H. and E.A.Wilhelm.

CUNNINGHAM, Isabella married 29 Dec 1807 Issac Lackey.

CUNNINGHAM, Jacob married 17 Apr 182 Susan Trimble. .

CUNNINGHAM, James and Mary Wear (Wise) received a marriage bond 30 Oct 1781.

CUNNINGHAM, James Cunningham married 30 Apr 1829 Jane Lecky.

CUNNINGHAM,James married 11 Feb 1819 Polly Leech.

CUNNINGHAM, James L.,27, single, farmer, son of Jas. W. & Harriet Cunningham, married 2 or 23? Dec 1879 Mary Ann Knick, 21, single, daughter of Jas. F. and Nancy Knick, at Keers Creek.

CUNNINGHAM, Jane married 1 Oct 1811 Thomas Doughtery

CUNNINGHAM, Jane married 15 Sept 1830 Andrew Armstrong

CUNNINGHAM, Jean married 19 Jun 1806 Samuel Smith.

CUNNINGHAM, John married 3 Mar 1808 Jane Garner.

CUNNINGHAM, John married 29 or 20? Jan 1852 Martha A. Miller, daughter of Betsy Miller.

CUNNINGHAM, John married 1 Sept 1803 Margaret Kirkpatrick.

CUNNINGHAM, John 46 wid. b. Pocahontas Co WV, son of Wm & Betsy Cunningham, m.8 Feb 1876 Mary Napper age 20, single b. Rockbridge Co, daughter of Alex. & Eliz. Napper

CUNNINGHAM, John, 45, widowed, b. Botetourt Co., resides in Carroll County, farmer, son of William and E. Cunningham, married 2 Aug 1872 Rachel Miller, 44, single, daughter of Joseph Miller.

CUNNINGHAM, J.N 23, single, resides in Augusta Co, b. Rockbridge Co. farmer, son of J.W. and H. Cunningham, married 3 Oct 1871 Nancy R. Wilhelm, 19, single, daughter of S.H. and E.A. Wilhelm.

CUNNINGHAM, Mary married 5 Apr 182 Emanuel Spahr

CUNNINGHAM, Margaret, daughter of Margaret Cunningham, married 11 Jan 1853 William Moore.

CUNNINGHAM, Mary Malissa, 20, single, daughter of J.N. and Nancy R. Cunningham , married 7 April 1909 Frederick Milton Hardbarger, 24, single, farmer, son of T.W. and M.E. Hardbarger.

CUNNINGHAM, Nancy married 6 Feb 1806 John Taylor.

CUNNINGHAM, Nancy married 11 Nov 1824 John McCluer.

CUNNINGHAM, Nancy married 15 Oct 1846 John M. Evans.

CUNNINGHAM, Neola Marvin, 28, single, daughter of J.N. and Nancy R. Cunningham, married 15 Mar 1909 Frank Blair Teaford, 31, single, farmer, son of H.T.and Mary M. Teaford.

CUNNINGHAM, Ora Lee, 22, single, farmer, son of J.L. and M.A. Cunningham, married 4 Sept 1907 Hattie G. Entsminger, 17, single, daughter of R.D. and Ida D. Entsminger.

CUNNINGHAM, Patsy married 1 June 1813? David Ford.

CUNNINGHAM, Polly married 10 Apr 1807 William Hutton.

CUNNINGHAM, Rich. married 9 Aug 1810 Esther Mitchel

CUNNINGHAM, Rosannah, 55, single, daughter of Jno. And Margaret Cunningham, married 22 May 1860 Andrew Armstrong, 55, widowed, farmer, son of Robert and Mary Armstrong.

CUNNINGHAM, S.C., 31, single, daughter of Jacob and Susan Cunningham, married 8 Apr 1869 Thomas Ford, 39, single, matressmaker, son of Jacob and Ann Ford.

CUNNINGHAM, Sally married 18 July 1822 John McCorkle.

CUNNINGHAM, Sally married 9 Apr 1818 William Cummins.

CUNNINGHAM, Saml, 30, widowed, laborer, married 22 Dec 1866 Mary Johnson, 25, widowed.

CUNNINGHAM, Saml (Col.) 53 wid. b. Rockbridge Co. lives Lexington-son of Saml. & M. Cunningham, laborer-married 16 Jan 1883 in Lexington Elizabeth Ellis age 30 wid.

CUNNINGHAM, Sarah C., 31, single, daughter of J. & S. Cunningham, married 8 Apr 1869 Thomas Ford, 39, single, mattressmaker, son of Jacob and Ann Ford.

CUNNINGHAM, Susan married 23 May 1844 Joseph Ford.

CUNNINGHAM, Sylvester H., 25, single, farmer, son of J.N. and N.R. Cunningham, married 7 June 1899 Amanda V. Wilson, 21, single, daughter of N.L. and S.E. Wilson.

CUNNINGHAM, Thomas and Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, a widow, received a marriage bond 7 Sept 1784 .

CUNNINGHAM, William married 30 Oct 1807 Peggy Taylor.

CUNNINGHAM, William married 22 Oct 1801 Rosannah Welsh.

CUNNINGHAM, Rev. William M. married June 1840 Martha J. White.