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Subject:PERKINS in Greene Co., Ohio - 1803 - 1840
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SOURCE: History of Greene County, Ohio : embracing the organization of the county, its division into townships, sketches of local interest gleaned from the pioneers from 1803 to 1840, together with a roster of the Revolution and the War of 1812; By: Robinson, George F., 1838-1901


1. Robert G. Perkins, Sugar Creek, OH, 1826; died near Bellbrook, OH, April 1836; buried there December 24th, 1825, married ELIZABETH ROBINSON.

2. John Perkins, Caesar's Creek, OH, 1826; son-in-law of John Downey.

3. Thomas Perkins, Dr., Xenia, OH, 1896, soldier of 1812; born April 17th, 1787, died in 1841, aged fifty-six, buried in Woodland.

4. Baker Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1811, died in 1846, father of Thomas B. Perkins, John S. Perkins and Stith G. Perkins; buried on the farm south of Xenia, OH.

5. William W. Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1826; son of Thomas and Elizabeth; born July 5th, 1803, died Septermber 20th, 1830, aged twenty-seven, buried in Woodland.

6. Thomas B. Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1826, son of Baker Perkins.

7. Isaac S. Perkins, Dr.; Xenia, OH, 1826; died October 11, 1843, aged forty-seven, buried in Woodland.

8. Henry W. Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1828, died August 24, 1832, aged twenty-six, buried in Woodland.

9. Joseph Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1828.

10. Thomas S. Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1830, died May 10th, 1886, aged eighty-six, buried in Woodland.

11. Thomas M. Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1826, died in Nebraska City, Nebraska, April 23rd, 1860, aged fifty; married MARY JANE PARKISON.

12. John Perkins, Xenia, OH, 1821; died October 6th, 1871, aged sixty-eight, buried at Bowersville, OH.

13. Isaac Perkins, Beaver Creek, 1819.

14. Robert Perkins, Beaver Creek, 1811, died April 5th, 1836, aged sixty-four, buried in Mt.Zion Churchyard.

15. Valentine Perkins; Bath, OH ?, 1840.


1. James Buckles, Sugar Creek, 1803, son of William Sr., October 13th, married SARAH PERKINS.

2. D. L. Devoe, Sugar Creek, 1830, November 15th, 1827, married ANN PERKINS.

3. John H. Harbison, Beaver Creek, 1819, September 16th, 1819, married ELIZABETH PERKINS.

4. Jesse Hughs, 1838; October 1st, 1839; married MARY PERKINS.

*NOTE* I have no further information to provide. The source of where this information was obtained from is listed at the top of this page.

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