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I can't find a connection; however, these could be helpful leads for you to pursue. I have tried and Family Search and the various search engines which have not discovered any "Smith" spouse. Sorry.

129. MILES WEED, JR. (MILES4, JONAS3, JOHN2, JONAS1) was born April 6, 1745 in Stamford, CT, and died 1810. He married (1) MARY GRAY March 22, 1769 in Stamford, CT. She was born Abt. 1749, and died June 9, 1786. He married (2) HANNAH SCOFIELD March 14, 1788 in Stamford, CT, daughter of SAMUEL SCOFIELD and HANNAH LOUNSBURY. She was born June 4, 1741 in Stamford, CT, and died Aft. 1810.

Children of MILES WEED and MARY GRAY are:
i. JOSIAH WEED, b. August 18, 1770.
ii. JOHN WEED IV, b. October 15, 1771; d. December 14, 1837, Stamford, CT; m. LUCRETIA DANN,
November 7, 1797, Stamford, CT; b. Abt. 1776.
iii. MILES WEED, b. January 13, 1773.
iv. JOSEPH WEED, b. June 12, 1774, Stamford, CT; d. April 19, 1851, Stamford, CT.
397. v. MARY WEED, b. February 4, 1776.
vi. JACOB WEED, b. April 18, 1778.
vii. JOANNA WEED, b. November 3, 1781.
viii. RACHEL WEED, b. May 31, 1786.

Rachel Weed (d. date unknown)
Rachel Weed died date unknown. She married Lemuel Stokem.

Notes for Rachel Weed:
REFN: 182

Marriage Notes for Rachel Weed and Lemuel Stokem:

Children of Rachel Weed and Lemuel Stokem are:
+Elisha Stokem, d. date unknown, Connectcicut.
Lemuel Stokem was the grandson of John Stockham of Rye, New York. Lemuel's wife was Rachel Weed. I believe she is the daughter of Miles Weed Jr. The Weed family is from Connecticut. Lemuel and Rachel are burried in an old cemetery in North Greenwich Conn. I've been unable to find
when and where they were married. They had many children.

I believe you are related to Dr. John Stokem one of Lemuel and Rachel's sons. Dr. Stokem maried a Lockwood and moved to New York state. I have his death certificate. He lived in Orange County.

One of Dr. Stokem's sons or grandsons moved to New Jersey then to Pennsylvania. I have information on them at home.

I'm related to Elisha Stokem another one of Lemuel Stokem's sons. Elisha moved to New York City.

John Stockham of Rye I believe must have been either English
or from Scotland. He married a Kniffen. For information on them you need to look at "The History of Rye New York."
Your library I'm sure can borrow it via Interlibrary Loan from a State Library.

My Stokem ancestors, Frank Oliver Stokem, one of Elisha's sons, married a Demarest and moved to Long Island New York.

As you most probably know, you can find Stokems, Stokum, Stokeums, etc. Are ancestors have been here since before 1700, way before Ellis Island.

As you can tell, I've been tracking this branch for several
years. Let me know about your branch.

There may be clues in this account of Mrs. H. Smith. On the farms next above Mr. Powell’s were the smiths, Joseph and Lockwood. The Anthony estate is the farm of Joseph, and A. O. Snell lives on the Lockwood Smith property.

Mrs. H. Smith, daughter of Lockwood Smith, gives us the following history of the Smith family: "My father, Lockwood Smith, came from Dutchess County, Connecticut to the Wyoming valley prior to the Revolutionary war. At the time of his removal from the East, he was married and his wife rode a horse which he possessed, and which also carried their supply of necessities for beginning life in a new country. Father walked the entire distance. They lived in the valley until the people were threatened by the Indians and Tories, when they took their departure. However, before leaving, they buried such of their household goods as would not be easily destroyed by the dampness, (thinking they would return,) then taking their horse and a bundle of clothing, again set out for their Eastern home. Here father lost his first wife, and he again married. Some years later, he and his brother-in-law, Ahortiabb Buck, left Connecticut, crossed the Catskill mountains, the North river, and reached the Susquehanna in the vicinity of the Great Bend. Here they took an Indian canoe and paddled down the river to what in later years became Buckville, where Mr. Buck settled with his family. However, Mr. Buck accompanied father, his wife, and a young son, down the river to the mouth of Buck Creek (so named from this same Mr. Buck,) where a landing was made. About a mile south of the creek, on the place now owned by H. Smith and heirs, with others, father took up a farm of four hundred acres and began improving. By his second wife, Deborah Buck, father had a family of eight children. She died and he again married, Mrs. Jonathan Platt, of Sackett’s Mills, unto whom were born five children, I being one of the five, and the only one of the thirteen living."

Mr. Smith died in the township at the age of eighty-nine years. The children from his first wife were Enos, who lived and died in Smithfield; Nancy, who married William Knapp, of Burlington, and died there; William moved to Michigan where he died; Asel moved to Illinois and died there; Deborah married Thomas Buck, and died at Big Flats, N.Y.; Phoebe married John Phelps, and died in Tioga County, Pa; Lockwood moved to Illinois, and died there; Silas died when a young man. Platt moved to Illinois, where he died; Rachael married Burdette Wilson, and died in Tioga county, Pa.; Polly married William Edminster, and died at Spencer, N.Y.; Abigail married Henry Smith and is yet living; Zeruah married Shepherd Moody, and died in Illinois.

Ezekiel Curry lived on the farm which belonged to the late Colonel C. F. Welles’ estate, his log house standing near where a brown house afterwards stood on this farm. He had a son, Ezekiel, Jr.

Daniel Minier, a German by birth, moved from Northampton County, Pa., to Athens before 1800, thence to Ulster township on the place now owned by M. G. Warner, near the beginning of the nineteenth century. He occupied the place until the time of his death. He had a family of the following: Elizabeth, Mary, Susan, Hannah, Anna, George, John, Abraham, Daniel and Elias. all are now dead. The Miniers were strong Methodists. Abraham Minier was an itinerant preacher, and disseminated the "good word" for over fifty years. He married Judith Burch, whose brother, Rev. Robert Burch, was a preacher in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and at one time Presiding Elder on the Sesquehanna district, and lived in Ulster.

William and Joseph Loughry were probably brothers, and early settlers in Ulster. By deed dated December 11, 1794, Reuben Fuller, of Tioga, conveys to William Loughry, of Tioga, a lot described as No. 1 and 2 of Ulster, and opposite New Sheshequin. William Loughery, and Nancy his wife; Joseph Loughery and Mary, his wife, of Ulster conveyed to Stephen Powell of "Stamford town, Dutchess County, New York State" the same land by deed dated October 6, 1801.

In the back part of Ulster, on what is known as Moore’s Hill, Clement Paine, of Athens, owned some property on the Burlington road and had made some improvements on it.

Jeduthan, a son of Captain Adrial Simons, was living in the same neighborhood about 1820 to 1825. Mr. Howie bought the place of Mr. Paine, and Peter McAu lived near him. Besides these there are families of Pollocks, Mathers, Dicksons and others, names familiar to every reader of Scotch history. Mr. Gibson was a Scotchman, but settled at Ulster, and being among the first aided his countrymen in the selection of their homes and in the negotiations for their farms. The emigration began about 1822, and families continued to come for several years.

About the Lockwood descendants ~ Genealogy of the Edmund Lockwood Family,%20part%202%20of%202.htm
Raymond Kilius 2006-05-05 01:24:41
1 Peter SCOFIELD b: 10/21/1743 d: 5/16/1830
+ Abigail GARNSEY b: 6/5/1769
2 Peter SCOFIELD b: 7/16/1774 d: 6/21/1837
+ Susan BESSEY b: 6/11/1775 d: 7/12/1818
3 Susan Ann SCOFIELD b: April 16, 1812 d: July 29, 1861
+ Edmund Lockwood SMITH b: Aug. 10, 1807 d: Apr. 17, 1886
4 Clarissa Moodie SMITH b: Sept. 5, 1835 d: Feb. 16, 1896
+ George Warner Ponsiby BOUTON b: 4/8/1830 d: 5/2/1881
5 Eugene Clarence BOUTON b: 8/25/1857 d: 6/10/1921
+ Matilda Martha COYLE b: 7/10/1870 d: 1952
6 Clarissa Cornelia Pollock BOUTON b: June 18, 1887 d: November 15, 1914
+ Jesse Albert THOMAS b: 1881
6 Edmund Lockwood Scofield BOUTON b: September 20, 1889
6 John Robert Bell BOUTON b: May 26, 1894
6 Aure Lilias Kate BOUTON b: May 1, 1894
6 Eugene Clarence Coyle BOUTON b: August 29, 1896
6 Flora "Bell" BOUTON b: June 19, 1900
6 Charles Benjamin BOUTON b: October 29, 1907
5 Edmund Lockwood Smith BOUTON
4 William H. SMITH b: 8/21/1831
4 Edmund L. SMITH b: 7/29/1833
4 Emma Frances SMITH b: 1850 d: 12/10/1915
+ Marcelin Anselm RONTEY b: 1848
5 Pierre A RONTEY
4 Harriet E. SMITH b: 1839
+ Carlos S. COOKE b: 1840