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Death in CA in 1871- Mrs. Julia Susan LAKE, native of Kentucky
Posted by: Vern Dander (ID *****8132) Date: August 29, 2007 at 13:34:58
In Reply to: Woman wronged by Vern Dander of 24

Transcribed by Dee Sardoch; <>
Stockton Daily Independent
Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

>>Thursday, 3 Aug 1871<<

CORONER’S INQUEST -- The woman who was shot at the Grand Hotel on Monday evening last died yesterday forenoon and the body was removed to the office of Coroner BOND on Weber avenue, where a post mortem examination was made by Drs. LANGDON, in the presence of Drs. THORNDIKE, SPOSATI, BROWNE and GRATTAN.

The Coroner summoned the following names gentlemen as jurors, viz: Robt. MILLER, Jessie IRVINE, W.C. MILLER, B.H. WESTON, Wm. CRANDALL, John GINN. Shortly after 4 o’clock p.m., the Coroner proceeded to hold an inquest.

Wm. F. FLETCHER, sworn -- Knew the deceased; her name was Julia LAKE at the time of her death; knew her across the mountains in 1866, or about 5 years ago; when I knew her over the mountains her name was Julia CODDINGTON. I do not know her age or the cause of her death only by heresay; I have heard that she was 29 years of age but think she must have been older.

N.J. SAVIERS, sworn -- The name of deceased is Julia S. LAKE; she has been a resident of Carson, Nevada, for a number of years; was 29 years old; she came to Stockton June 29, 1871; she has a husband and 2 children living; her husband lives at Eureka, Nevada; her 2 children are living at Carson, Nevada. I know nothing of the cause of her death except from hearsay.

L. BARADA, sworn -- I knew deceased; her name was registered on the register of my house as the wife of N.J. SAVIERS, on June 29, 1871. She died this morning about half-past 10 o’clock. A woman came to my house about half past 8 o’clock Monday evening last; I saw the hack at the door and went down stairs to see what the person in the hack wanted; the hack driver told the woman, “Here is the landlord.”

She asked me if I had a room for her and I told her yes; she remarked that she would like to have a room on the 2nd floor; I gave her room No. 12, but she objected to it and said she wanted a room on the next floor; I took her to the 3rd story and gave her room No. 19; I lighted the gas and asked her if she wished supper; she replied that she did not; I left her the key and went down stairs to the office; about 5 minutes after that the bell was rung from room No. 29 where deceased was, and I sent the porter up to the room; the porter came back and told me I had better go up stairs as there was something the matter in that room; I went to the room and found the deceased lying on the bed; she told me she was very sick and wanted to see her husband; she looked very pale. The other woman was out of the house at this time; I went for Mr. SAVIERS but could not find him; he was employed at the office of the Atlantic and Pacific telegraph office; we heard 3 or 4
shots fired but did not think they were in the house.

PHILIP MAYSI, sworn -- I am porter at the Grand Hotel; on Monday night about half-past 8 I was in my room fixing the lamps, and heard the bell ring for me; I went to the office to see what was wanted; at the same time I heard 2 shots, and thought they were in the street; I went to the office and Mr. BARADA told me to take the key to No. 19; when I went back up stairs and got to the 2nd story, I heard the 3rd shot; thought it was in the house; in the 3rd story I saw a woman about the door of room 19; she said -- “you have brought my key -- all right”; I saw a light only in room No. 29; I went again to the office and Mr. BARADA sent me to room No. 29; went there and found a woman lying on the bed; she asked me if Mr. BARADA was in the house and said she wanted to see her husband and Mr. BARADA as quick as possible; went down stairs and told Mr. BARADA and he went up stairs. When in the room of deceased I saw blood on the pillows.

EDWIN L. DOLE, sworn -- Am a runner for the Grand Hotel; at 26 minutes past 8, last Monday evening, I stepped off the ‘bus. in front of the Grand Hotel; the porter was in the road and Mrs. BARADA on the sidewalk; Mrs. BARADA asked me if I heard any pistol shots; I told her no; she told me she had heard 3 and asked me if I did not hear them coming past the circus tent; I told her no and stepped into the office; was in there probably 2 minutes; as I stepped out the door, a lady came along from the direction of Copperopolis depot; she took hold of my arm and said she wanted me to go to the Sheriff’s office with her; I walked perhaps 20 steps and then asked what she wanted to go to the Sheriff’s office for; noticing that her bosom was open I thought her crazy, this is why I asked her the question; she answered, “I will tell you all in a few minutes;” when we got to the corner she asked for the express office, and said she wanted to go there first; as we got opposite the telegraph office she stopped, put her hand across my breast and said, “This is the place;” a man was sitting in the office with a linen coat on; she put her hand on his shoulder and said, “I have done it at last;” the man arose, when she said, “I have shot her, I have shot her 3 times -- now you go and take care of her;” she then stepped back and said to him, “Now I ought to kill you;” she placed her hand in her bosom and partially drew a pistol; I grabbed her by the shoulder and he took hold of her arm; she told him he had to go with her; he said, “My God! Have you shot her?” she answered, “Yes, to save my own life;” we then started toward the Sheriff’s office; she said to him, “You are my husband and brought this all on yourself;” he said, “You will suffer for this;” she said she was willing to die; that she had done all she wanted to, and added, “I shall not [a line or 2 illeg]

…said she had not been out of her bed but 3 days; the man told her he wanted to go back but she told him he should not; said she had all her papers to show she was married to him, and that they were in the Yosemite House safe; in the door of the Police office we met an officer; the woman told him she had come to give herself up and said -- “take him too,” meaning her husband.

After I delivered the parties over, I ran back to the Grand Hotel and asked BARADA if he did not know that there was a woman shot up stairs; he said he did not; I told him there was and that it was the telegraph operator’s wife; I then ran up to the 2nd floor to Mrs. BARADA’s room; I told some of them to go to the woman’s room, and went down stairs for a doctor; went back again and went to the woman’s room; she seemed to be sitting in a chair; Mrs. BARADA had her arm around her; think I saw marks of blood on the woman’s neck; she was moaning.

J.J. EVANS, sworn -- Am a Deputy Sheriff; DOLE came to the police office on Monday night with a man and a woman; the woman asked me if I was a police officer; I told her no, but that I was a Deputy Sheriff; she said she wanted to give herself up into my charge, and said further, “I have killed a woman down in the Grand Hotel -- I shot her 3 times;” she also said, “I want this man to go with me,” pointing to SAVIERS, “for he is as deeply implicated as I am; I have got letters and papers to prove it, and that he furthermore wrote me that the woman would kill me if I came over here;” SAVIERS did not dispute anything she said; I took them both to jail; she was searched and gave up a Smith & Wesson pistol; I think 3 barrels were discharged; she then commenced telling Mr. WOODS and me about the papers; said she was SAVIERS’ lawful wife and had a marriage certificate; SAVIERS then denied it and said she was not his wife; she gave me a check and I went to the Yosemite House and got the papers.

ADJOURNED until half-past 7 p.m.

C.L. WOODS, sworn -- Am jailor in this city and county; Mrs. SAVIERS gave me this pistol (a Smith & Wesson 5-shooter exhibited to the jury) on Monday evening last about 9 o’clock; 3 charges had been shot off; Mrs. SAVIERS was brought to the jail by Deputy Sheriff EVANS.

P. McG. McBEAN, sworn -- Mrs. SAVIERS came from the depot to the Yosemite House about 1:30 p.m. She was shown to the parlor and requested to see the landlord; I went to the parlor and she gave me the name of Mrs. SAVIERS; I showed her to room 26; she then said she wanted to see me and asked if I was a Mason, and I told her no; she then wished to know if anyone connected with the house was a Mason; I told her no; she then produced the photograph of a man and asked me if I knew who it was; said it was the photograph of her husband, and that he was an operator in one of the telegraph offices here and was boarding at the Yosemite House as she supposed, as he had written to her to that effect; I informed her he was not stopping there; she then said she was his wife, and he was boarding here in town, with another woman as his wife; she then wished to know if I could find out where he was boarding; I told her I would see; I made inquiries and could not find out anything and so informed her; she then asked me if I knew Dan. GELWICKS, or if there was such a man in town; I told her I knew him; she sent for pen, ink and paper, and wrote a note to him (as she said,) about her baggage; said she had had her baggage sent to Mr. GELWICKS through the express, as she did not want Mr. SAVIERS to know she was in town; I told her she had better consult a policeman concerning Mr. SAVIERS’ whereabouts; I then sent for Officer KERR.

Some time after 7 o’clock, in the evening, she informed me she would go to the Grand Hotel that evening, and paid her bill; before this she gave me some papers to put in the safe, for which I gave her a check; I afterwards delivered the papers to officer EVANS; I engaged a hack for her and she left the house about 5 minutes past 8 p.m.; she wanted to find SAVIERS and the woman together at their room; said if things were as reported she wanted a divorce and wanted testimony; she told me her proper name, but gave me to understand that she did not want it made public, or at least, that she did not want her husband to know of her presence in town; I, therefore, registered her as Mrs. STEVENS.

G. De YOUNG, sworn -- The husband stated to me that the woman who did the shooting was Julia E. SAVIERS, his wife; I have seen the marriage certificate, which shows that Julia SEELEY was married to N.J. SAVIERS in 1867.

Mrs. Ernestien BARADA, sworn -- When I went to the room occupied by deceased, on Monday night, the woman was on the bed; I had followed my husband up stairs, and went in the room by his direction; I asked her what was the matter; she told me the 1st wife of her husband had killed her; I undressed her and found she was shot in 3 places; she had a newspaper in her hand that one of the bullets went through; she said she was sitting in a rocking chair when she was shot.

[The dress worn by deceased when shot was shown to the jury; it had 3 bullet holes, and was stained with blood.]

JOHN B. KERR, sworn -- I was called about 2 o’clock p.m., Monday last, to the Yosemite House and was informed that some one there wanted to see me; I went to Mrs. SAVIERS’ room and she asked me if I knew SAVIERS who worked in the telegraph office; told her I knew him by sight; she then asked me if I knew his wife; told her I did by sight; asked me where they were stopping, and I told her at the Grand Hotel; she said the woman was not his wife but that she was; said she wanted to find the facts of the case and, if the reports were true, procure a divorce; she wanted to know what room they occupied at the Grand Hotel.

DR. SAMULE LANGDON, sworn -- I was called on Monday night between 9 and 10 o’clock to attend the deceased; I found 3 shots -- 1 in the shoulder, 1 in the thigh, both of which were inconsiderable, the 3rd shot was a fatal shot and caused her death; it entered about an inch and a half from the umbilicus on the right side, penetrating the cavity and perforating the stomach, passing through and wounding the membranes until it made its exit at the opposite side through the back, passing in a slightly oblique course; she lived about 36 hours after being shot; she made a detailed statement to me of the circumstances; I told her at the time she would not get well; she asked me if I thought so and I told her I did; she told me her name was Julia LAKE; she said the first intimation she had of any one coming was a rap at her door; she said, “Come in;” when the party knocking entered; seeing my head tied up she asked -- “Are you sick?” I told her yes; she replied -- “I will make you sicker;” whereupon she shot me 3 times, in the shoulder, thigh and stomach; when she first entered she sat down, then arose and shot me and then remarked -- “There,” and left; I was sitting all the time holding a paper in my hand which I had been reading; the name of the woman that shot me was Julia SAVIERS. The ball that entered the stomach passed through the newspaper.

The testimony was here closed and the jury after a few minutes deliberation, rendered the following VERDICT -- State of California, county of San Joaquin -- We, the jurors summoned to appear by M.H. BOND, Coroner, to inquire into the cause of the death of Julia S. LAKE, after hearing the testimony adduced, do find that the deceased was named Julia S. LAKE, aged about 29 years; that she came to her death on the 2d of August, 1871, in this city and county, by a pistol shot fired by Mrs. Julia E. SAVIERS, and that the said shooting took place Monday evening, July 31, 1871.
- -------------------------------------------------------

RELATIVES ARRIVED -- Mrs. GLENN, of Placerville, mother of Mrs. N.J. SAVIERS, and Dr. F. GLENN, of Carson (Nev.), brother of Mrs. SAVIERS, arrived on the 1:28 p.m. western bound train yesterday and visited the prisoner, who has greatly recovered from her nervous prostration.

RELEASED FROM CUSTODY -- N.J. SAVIERS, whose wife shot his paramour at the Grand Hotel on Monday evening last, was taken before Justice BRUSH yesterday and on motion of Judge BUDD, Deputy District Attorney, was released from custody and the charge upon which he had been held dismissed.

>>Saturday, 5 Aug 1871<<

THE PARTIES in the LATE TRAGEDY -- Something of Their History -- The Carson (Nev.) ‘Register,’ of August 2d, gives this account of the parties to the affair:

As all the parties to the affair were recent residents of this city [Carson] and are well known here, and as there are various rumors afloat as to the past lives of the 2 women concerned in the shooting, we have taken pains to hunt up such of the following facts as we were not already familiar with.

Mrs. Julia Susan LAKE, the wounded woman, was a native of Kentucky, aged 30 years; had been married 3 times, and had 5 children, one of whom (a boy) died some years ago. At 16 years of age she was married to a man named WOLF, in the States, and with him came across the plains and settled in Washoe valley in 1858.

Soon afterward WOLF became jealous of Joseph J. CODDINGTON and left her. At the time there was considerable feeling among the settlers of Washoe about the matter to allay which CODDINGTON married her and removed to Genoa. She had 2 children by WOLF, and by mutual consent they separated, the father taking the children. Nothing is known of WOLF’s whereabouts, but he is supposed to be living.

She had 3 children by CODDINGTON; Thomas, now aged 12 years, being at present in Genoa; John, the 2nd, died; and Ollie, aged 8 years, now in this city [Carson]. In 1866 Mrs. CODDINGTON left her 2nd husband, and pending the hearing of her application for divorce, CODDINGTON was killed at Adobe Meadows, beyond Aurora, by being struck on the head with a 6-shooter.

Between 2 and 3 years ago Mrs. CODDINGTON married her 3rd and present husband, Augustus M. LAKE, who is at present at Eureka or Hamilton. The intimacy existing between her and SAVIERS commenced last Winter -- LAKE having been absent nearly 2 years. Some 2 months ago she left this city for Virginia [City?], SAVIERS leaving by stage the same evening for Reno, where the 2 met and proceeded to Stockton. At the latter place Mrs. LAKE assumed a fictitious name.

But in the meantime their intimacy had not been unknown to Mrs. SAVIERS, who, on returning from a 3 weeks’ sojourn in San Francisco, gave her husband a lecture about the matter, whereat he became offended and left. Mrs. SAVIERS took the matter very much to heart, and came near dying of grief. Being informed of her illness, SAVIERS came over to see her, leaving Mrs. LAKE in Stockton whither he returned a few days afterwards.

Nelson James SAVIERS, the unfaithful husband, is a native of Mansfield, Ohio, and is 36 years of age. He is a Royal Arch Mason, a Royal Purple Odd Fellow, an Improved Red Man and a Good Templar, a photograph artist and a telegraph operator. His letters of late date from Stockton show that he was endeavoring to deceive his wife into the belief that he was still faithful to her, and that he would shortly send for her to meet him at Placerville, where he intended she should reside. In the meantime, however, Mrs. SAVIERS was aware of his infidelity, and knew of the existing state of affairs at Stockton, or at least had satisfactory evidence that he was living with Mrs. LAKE.

Mrs. Julia SAVIERS, who fired the shots, is a native of Loray, New York, and is 40 years of age. She has been thrice married and twice divorced. She was married to and divorced from Frank Gay SEELEY, who for 2 or 3 years has been living in Treasure City. She was also married to and divorced from Aaron J. SPENCER, who subsequently married again and is now residing in San Francisco with his family.

She was married several years ago to SAVIERS, in Churchill county, and for the past 3 or 4 years they have resided in this city [Carson], apparently as happy as the average of married people. She left this city on Saturday last for Lake Bigler, still in poor health and much troubled in mind. Remarks purporting to have been made by Mrs. LAKE about Mrs. SAVIERS and her husband preyed upon her mind and probably excited her to the commission of the rash act.

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